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The Truth About Septic Pumping and The Septic Replacement Agenda as it relates to the Septic Tank Homeowner and the Septic Industry:

Many replacement and pumping lobbyists have flooded the market with imitation products and disparaging news articles. These antagonists have an agenda not of public interest but rather of private monetary gain. After all the pumping and replacement industry is a billion dollar industry which much influence. Pumping and replacement advocates even invoke some agencies or even some universities in an effort to quiet biosafeone efforts to clean the environment and provide a much more economical, environmentally sound, safe solution to the old primitive methods that have made the contractors and pumpers rich. Pumping and replacement solutions of course have made many residential consumers poorer and left them disillusioned.

A lot of residential replacement customers have been told by contractors that they need another replacement after 2 years or so. At $10,000-$70,000 a replacement this gets quite expensive. Potential replacement victims are always quoted far less as a ploy to “lowball” to ensure that the contractor gets the job. Once the contracts are signed fine print allows the estimate to turn into a much higher price then expected. So a $8,000 quote for example can turn into $15,000 job. Once the permit is submitted to Septic Code Enforcement and the health dept. the job can be mandated to commence. A this point is stuck with basically whatever the contractor wants to charge. Now the replacement victim is forced to do it.

All of these headaches and expenses can be avoided with regular maintenance of biosafeone product called Bio-Safe One Septic Solution (BOSS): . BOSS totally digests the waste on an ongoing daily basis to prevent accumulation and of course contaminated from the sewage inside and outside the entire property. If you have never heard of biosafeone and have never used biosafeone products. (see biosafeone treatment guide for a more detailed description on what to do if you are in septic failure or want to clean out your system to start from scratch )

Then biosafeone has a solution, they have a restoration product which is phenomenal. The product is called the BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester : If you find that you are in need of guidance as to what to do in such case Biosafeone has made is real simply if you go to treatment guide, this can be found on the biosafeone website. The environment also suffers neglect since the landfill waste is left there untreated. Replacement neglects household plumbing and it is unsanitary to live in a house with septic system with household plumbing that is clogged with sewage. Plumbing wears out needing replacement which provides another job for contractors to swarm in on. So the whole concept of replacement and pumping is a lose, lose proposition. A final note about replacement is that is smell up the property when the contractor finishes. A lot of times this smell never leaves. This is what happens when you dig up and expose toxic waste to the environment.