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Do you have Septic Problems or Septic Tank Problems? There is a solution!

So you don't know how to solve your septic tank problems? Biosafeone has the solution! 1 out of every 4 Americans rely on a septic tank or septic system as a means of treating their household waste. In 2011 the United States population is approximately 310 million people and growing each year. So 1 out of 4 people would be over 77.5 million septic tank owners.

The majority of these septic tank or septic system owners falsely rely on and regularly pay for unnecessary septic pumpouts and ultimately a very expensive septic replacement with a contractor when the system fails. Billions of dollars are spent by homeowners and businesses pumping sewage into trucks to be taken to sewage treatment plants only to find out at the end of that road that their drainfield or leachfield has failed due to accumulation of sewage out in the pipes, septic tank and especially the drainfield. Cesspools, drywells, aerobic septic systems and other types of septic systems are not exempt- they are victim to the same fate of expensive septic system replacement.

Most government and environmental entities do not have an answer to septic tank problems or they seek to profit from misdirecting septic tank owners to inefficient, dysfunctional and costly methods of pumping and replacement in the US and in other places. They have decided to deal with the ongoing problem of waste disposal ineffectively while ignoring environmental concerns and the high cost of these processes. Permitting, licensing and fines account for huge revenue for these entities. However, the environmental impact on the US has been enormously negative. Many of the waterways have been damaged due to failing septic systems. Many homeowners have lost their homes due to not being able to afford the expensive cost of septic replacement which typically cost between $10,000 to $70,000. In addition to this, the ozone layer gets eroded by failing septic systems. Many diseases and deaths have occurred as a result of failing septic systems and failing drain fields. Many septic tank problems could have been avoided through proper septic tank maintenance.

Biosafeone has developed unique patented formulas which have completely solved septic problems by presenting septic tank owners with their patented products which were used to clean up the Exxon Valdez Oil spill, one of America's largest cleanups in history. Biosafeone products have been proven in thousands of cases to eliminate signs of failing septic systems including: bad odors, gurgling sounds in pipes and plumbing, slow moving drains, frequent pumpouts, discolored lawns, water overflowing from the drain fields and septic tanks. Bio-safe one has been found to quickly reverse septic problems by eliminating the root cause of the septic tank problems: eliminating the accumulated waste in the soil surrounding the septic system which occurred from lack of proper septic tank maintenance.

This amazing breakthrough in scientific technology has given new hope to many septic tank homeowners and reduced a expensive septic system replacement to 1/5 of the cost while totally eliminating the homeowners need to keep pumping their septic tank. Through a process of complete and total digestion of the sewage the waste is literally disintegrated without any negatives. Biosafeone has amazing septic tank and septic system treatments that totally eliminate pumpouts and eliminate the need to dig a new drainfield. Biosafeone has created a natural, safe and better way to clean the environment, decontaminate the waste, eliminate pumpouts, reverse septic failure and solve septic tank problems!

Biosafeone has made their product available via their website: for anyone to easily purchase in fact they even offer free technical support with training on call field and lab technicians always ready to assist homeowners and businesses that have septic problems or septic tank problems even full blown drainfield failure or leachfield failure can be permanently fixed by using biosafeone products rather than the expensive septic replacement.

Studies have shown that the only real way to properly protect the septic tank system is to use Biosafeone Septic Solution (BOSS) to thoroughly eliminate the waste in the septic tank on a ongoing monthly basis. By adding Biosafeone (BOSS) treatment all incoming waste is totally digested and decontaminated. Testing has shown that other products can only break down the waste and but not eliminate it. Most people are not aware that when the septic tank is not cleaned out monthly by using Biosafeone's specific patented bacterial formula BOSS then waste accumulates throughout the entire septic tank system regardless of pump outs or other ineffective means. As a result of this ignorance, the statistics of disease from poorly maintained septic tank systems and environmental damage is staggering! However there is hope, even if you have failed to use Biosafeone's BOSS product, they have another patented formulas which is designed to reverse years of neglect without having to dig with a contractor. The name of this product that reverse septic problems and that reverses drain field failure is called the Biosafeone BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester

Biosafeone has made it real easy for a septic tank owner to be able to know what to do if they have neglecting their system by not using the Biosafeone BOSS treatment. If you look you can view Biosafeone's treatment guide by going to this link where you can find out exactly what to do with your failing septic system: treatment guide. 

Regular pumpouts do not prevent full blown blowout in the drainfield and pumpouts do NOT treat or protect the most important part of the septic tank system which is the soil surrounding the septic system commonly referred to as the drainfield or leachfield. This is what causes 97% of septic failure accumulation of Biomat and sludge in the septic drainfield lines and drainfield soil. Using Bio-Safe One is the new better way to maintain your septic tank and septic system to avoid back ups, pumpouts, septic replacement, plumbing problems and to reverse all septic problems!

For more information you can also reach them by phone toll free 1-866-424-6663 or you can contact them at With offices through the eastern seaboard, products can easily be shipped from their lab to anywhere in the US or even worldwide. Commercial applications are also available and have been for years. Biosafeone labs have never had a complaint but rather have a stellar reputation for producing the best products in the world of the highest quality.